Patreon is an easy-to-use service that helps supportive people provide on-going assistance to cool stuff, like the Museum of Root Beer in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. It offers a tiered system of rewards that get sweeter and sweeter the more you can contribute.

The Museum is run in our spare time and barely squeaks by with the $5.50 admission fee and sales of merchandise and food. If you are willing and able, I ask you to help the Museum survive, to prosper, and to grow by becoming a Patreon supporter.

Your support will most definitely help us to keep the doors open, to continue preserving this unique slice of Americana, to continually add collections and exhibits, and to continually offer to the public our one-of-a-kind educational and entertainment experience.


Your contribution might really be the final little push that frees up time and/or money needed for stagnant aspects of the Museum, including:

materials and fixtures for proper protection, security, and preservation of the Museum’s collections and exhibits. Our collections are literally out in the open.

support for the creation of additional exhibits and needed upgrades of existing exhibits. Many projects are waiting in the wings, needed resources.

funds to acquire collections or pieces with. Countless unique root beer items will remain on the sales block until we find funding to bring them into the museum for exhibit and preservation.

exterior signage needing serious investment. Ours is literally a light box with our hand-cut vinyl, which we laid over at least two faded logos of previous tenants.

a website needing professional modernization, features, and upgrades. Our current website was thrown together by our son between college semesters.

online store creation and maintenance that meets customer demands. There is potential revenue to be realized with the right investment of time and resources.

creation of online content to create. Demand for content is only growing, and the Museum wants to be at the forefront of an active community of root beer enthusiasts and historians.

The one-of-a-kind Museum of Root Beer is located in the Midwest’s premier and historic tourism hotspot, Wisconsin Dells, situated along the Interstate 90/94 corridor, half-way between the Twin Cities and Chicago. The 3,000-square-foot museum features interactive and educational exhibits and is operated and curated by Reed and Amy Andrew. The Andrews keep busy with day jobs in marketing and education, respectively, and raising five children together, three of whom are still at home. They thank you for your support and look forward to interacting with you as a member of the Patreon community of the Museum of Root Beer.